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Coaxial Connectors

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Coaxial Connectors

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Coaxial Connectors product list

BNC connectors price list

Model number Maker Connector shape Price: JP yen
BNC-P-1.5 Daiichiconnector Plug 360
BNC-P-2.5 Daiichiconnector Plug 360
BNC-P-58U Daiichiconnector Plug 360
BNC-P-3 Daiichiconnector Plug 310
BNC-P-62U Daiichiconnector Plug 360
BNC-P-5 Daiichiconnector Plug 420
BNC-P-5W Daiichiconnector Plug 540
BNC-P-7 Daiichiconnector Plug 540
BNC-P-8 Daiichiconnector Plug 540
BNC-117P NI Daiichiconnector Plug 440
BNC-R Daiichiconnector Receptacle 340
BNC-BR Daiichiconnector Receptacle 200
BNC31-10 Daiichiconnector Receptacle 185
BNC-J-1.5 Daiichiconnector Jack 420
BNC-J-2.5 Daiichiconnector Jack 420
BNC-J-58/U Daiichiconnector Jack 420
BNC-J-3 Daiichiconnector Jack 420
BNC-J-5 Daiichiconnector Jack 450
BNC-PJ-1.5 Daiichiconnector Jack 450
BNC-PJ-2.5 Daiichiconnector Jack 450
BNC-PJ-58/U Daiichiconnector Jack 450
BNC-TA-JPJ Daiichiconnector T-shaped branch 460
BNC-TA-JJJ Daiichiconnector T-shaped branch 430
BNC-LA Daiichiconnector L-shaped adapter 405
BNC-A-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 200
BNC-PA-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter for panel mount 470
BNC-BA-JJ-Z Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter for panel mount, Insulation type 540

N type connectors price list

Model number Maker Connector shape Price: JP yen
N-P-3 Daiichiconnector Plug 590
N-P-5 Daiichiconnector Plug 590
N-P-7 Daiichiconnector Plug 590
N-P-8 Daiichiconnector Plug 755
N-P-10 Daiichiconnector Plug 780
N-P-5DFB Daiichiconnector Plug 590
N-P-8DFB Daiichiconnector Plug 755
N-P-10DFB Daiichiconnector Plug 780
N-P-8/U Daiichiconnector Plug 610
N-R Daiichiconnector Receptacle 380
N-BR Daiichiconnector Receptacle 380
N-A-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 480

M type price list

Model number Maker Connector shape Price: JP yen
M-P-3 Daiichiconnector Plug 200
M-P-5 Daiichiconnector Plug 200
M-P-7 Daiichiconnector Plug 200
M-P-8 Daiichiconnector Plug 310
M-P-10 Daiichiconnector Plug 360
M-A-JJ-19 Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 300
M-PA-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 495

TNC connectors price list

Model number Maker Connector shape Price: JP yen
TNC-P-1.5 Daiichiconnector Plug 365
TNC-P-58U Daiichiconnector Plug 365
TNC-P-3 Daiichiconnector Plug 365
TNC-P-5 Daiichiconnector Plug 450
TNC-A-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 330
TNC-R Daiichiconnector Receptacle 325
TNC-BR Daiichiconnector Receptacle 275

SMA Type connectors price list

Model number Maker Connector shape Price: JP yen
SMA-P-402 Daiichiconnector Plug 380
SMA-P-405 Daiichiconnector Plug 380
SMA-P-1.5 Daiichiconnector Plug 420
SMA-P-58/U Daiichiconnector Plug 420
SMA-P-3 Daiichiconnector Plug 420
SMA-P-1.5A Daiichiconnector Plug 290
SMA-P-2.5A Daiichiconnector Plug 290
SMA-P-58A Daiichiconnector Plug 290
SMA-R Daiichiconnector Receptacle 310
SMA-R2 Daiichiconnector Receptacle 310
SMA-BR Daiichiconnector Receptacle 310
SMA-BR2 Daiichiconnector Receptacle 310
SMA-BR-K Daiichiconnector Receptacle 370
SMA-J-1.5 Daiichiconnector Jack 360
SMA-J-2.5 Daiichiconnector Jack 360
SMA-J-58/U Daiichiconnector Jack 360
SMA-J-1.5A Daiichiconnector Jack 290
SMA-J-2.5A Daiichiconnector Jack 290
SMA-J-58A Daiichiconnector Jack 290
SMA-A-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 320
SMA-PA-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 400
SMA-BA-JJ Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 370
SMA-PP Daiichiconnector Polarity conversion adapter 450

Conversion adapter

Model number Maker Connector shape Price: JP yen
BNCP-RCAJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 200
BNCP-RCAP Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 300
BNCP-FJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 240
BNCP-MJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 420
BNCP-NJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 610
BNCP-SMAJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 460
BNCP-SMAP Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 550
BNCJ-RCAP Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 200
BNCJ-RCAJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 200
BNCJ-MP Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 440
BNCJ-SMAJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 420
FP-BNCJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 240
FP-RCAJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 200
FP-SMAJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 540
FJ-RCAP Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 200
SMAP-BNCJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 460
SMAP-FJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 540
MP-RCAJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 300
MP-NP Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 750
MP-NJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 580
MJ-NJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 680
NP-BNCJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 720
NP-BNCP Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 770
NP-MJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 680
NJ-BNCJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 540
RCAP-MJ Daiichiconnector Conversion adapter 300
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