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Product categories

The main products we deal with include connectors, cables, cooling fans, switches, and transformers. We also handle a great many products besides those appearing on this site, however, so please do not hesitate to ask if there is something in particular that you are looking for.

Circular metal connectors

various circular metal connectors

Nanaboshi Electric Mfg., Sanwa Connector, HIROSE ELECTRIC (HRS), TAJIMI ELECTRONICS (TMW), Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE), etc.
Various makers circular metal connectors in rich stock.

Stocks include the highly versatile NCS series of metal connectors for indoor use, as well as the NJC series, the one-touch lock type NR series, the NWPC series of water-resistant outdoor connectors, the NJW series, NRW series, ENJW series, ENRW series, etc.

Other connectors

various connectors

HIROSE ELECTRIC (HRS), DDK, HOSIDEN, etc. various connectors in rich stock.

Various cables

Various power cables etc. in rich stock.

Cooling fans (Fan motors)

various cooling fans

SANYO DENKI AC cooling fans, DC cooling fans.

Particularly when it comes to general-purpose Sanyo Denki products, we have the largest inventory in Japan in both AC and DC and are prepared to meet your needs for short-term delivery.

Various switches

NKK Switches, MIYAMA ELECTRIC, FUJISOKU, KOKUSAI DENGYO, etc. various switches in rich stock.


TOYOZUMI Transformers


We also have all other electronic parts made by each of these manufacturers. Please contact us about products you are looking for.

How to order

Please order from the e-mail, or Fax.

When ordering, please inform of the following contents.
  1. The name of the company name and the person in charge
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  5. Model number of the product of the order
  6. Each amount of the product ordering

FAX order sheet
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About payment etc.

About payment

  • Payment please bank transfer.
  • Other than the product price, an exchange fee, the postage are necessary.
  • Please bear the transfer fee by the customer.
About shipping.
  • Shipment of goods will be after payment is confirmed.
  • Shipment of the product will use the EMS as a general rule.
  • If you wish to Fedex or DHL, please be announced separately.

Please check the shopping information page about details.

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