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Frequently Asked Questions

About the products.

The product I wish to buy is not listed on the website.

We handle products from over 200 manufacturers of electronic parts, so although your desired product may not be listed on our website, it may still be available for purchase. Please contact us about your desired product.

I would like to know if a particular product is in stock.

As we handle a vast number of different products and our inventory continuously fluctuates, it is not possible to display the state of our stock on the website. Please contact us to see if a particular product is in stock.

There is a product that I want and it is not handled by other suppliers I know. Can you find such a product?

Yes, we can. Upon providing the product maker's name and the product's model number, we will have a quote ready. If you are unsure of the product's aforementioned details, we are also able to find your desired product if we are provided its detailed dimensions or a detailed picture of it. Please contact us for more details.

A product that was listed on the website has disappeared.

1. The product's manufacturer has suspended its production, and we do not have the product in stock.
2. Delivery of the product from the manufacturer to us has run into difficulties, for reasons such as production troubles at the manufacturer, and as such we have decided to temporarily or permanently take down the product from our website.

Do you issue parameter sheets?

Yes, we do. Since we will need to confirm details like the destination, please contact us about it before placing your order.

*Depending on the manufacturer, there may be instances where parameter sheets can not be issued.

Do you do back orders?

Yes, we do. Customers can place orders on products that take time to receive from the manufacturer or products that are currently out of stock, where they will be shipped at a later time.

We can issue a quote upon receiving the following information: the product maker's name, the product's model number, and order quantity.

About shipping.

Please tell me about shipping.

If the ordered product is in stock, it will be shipped out to the customer the next day after confirming that we have successfully received the bank transfer. For back orders where it will take some time to receive the product from the manufacturer, it will be shipped out as soon as we get it and after confirming that the bank transfer has successfully gone through.

Do you provide the invoice number?

Yes, we do. Please let us know if you require the invoice number when ordering.

Shipment of the product will use the EMS as a general rule. If you wish to Fedex or DHL, please be announced separately.

About the transaction and other questions.

Can I order with my company's order form?

Yes, you can. As long as the necessary information is there, the order form's format does not matter.

Please refer to this webpage for the necessary information required on the order form.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Please pay via bank transfer.

Can you issue me the order quote before I place an order?

Yes, we can. Please tell us the name and order quantity of the product you wish to order.

How to order

Please order from the e-mail, or Fax.

When ordering, please inform of the following contents.
  1. The name of the company name and the person in charge
  2. E-mail address
  3. Phone number
  4. Address
  5. Model number of the product of the order
  6. Each amount of the product ordering

FAX order sheet
(Your company predetermined format is fine.)

About payment etc.

About payment

  • Payment please bank transfer.
  • Other than the product price, an exchange fee, the postage are necessary.
  • Please bear the transfer fee by the customer.
About shipping.
  • Shipment of goods will be after payment is confirmed.
  • Shipment of the product will use the EMS as a general rule.
  • If you wish to Fedex or DHL, please be announced separately.

Please check the shopping information page about details.

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