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TOYOZUMI ES21 series

Single Phase CE Marking Compliant Power Transformer Series


ES21 SERIES / In conformity to EN61558-2-4; dry type transformers for use in appliances, class 1, IP00, non short-circuit proof; single phase; double winding; insulation class B for 300~5 kVA; all models with electrostatic shield (attached to core); 200/220/230/240 V to 100 V insulation transformer.


TOYOZUMI ES21 series product list

ES21 series price list

Pri./Sec.:200V etc./100V, Single Phase, Multicoil, Terminal blocks
RoHS Compliant, EN61558 Standard Compliant (CE Marking)
Model number Capacity Primary(V) Secondary(V) Weight(kg) Price: JP yen
ES21-300B 300VA 200-220-230-240 100 6 22100
ES21-500B1 500VA 200-220-230-240 100 8.5 30030
ES21-01KB1 1KVA 200-220-230-240 100 13.5 41860
ES21-015KB 1.5KVA 200-220-230-240 100 18 50960
ES21-02KB 2KVA 200-220-230-240 100 21 64740
ES21-03KB 3KVA 200-220-230-240 100 29.5 89310
ES21-04KB 4KVA 200-220-230-240 100 38.5 120510
ES21-05KB 5KVA 200-220-230-240 100 48.5 149500
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